Big Picture Statements

Baltimore Green Forum (Purpose / Mission) statement

The members of the Baltimore Green Forum seek to improve the quality of all life in the greater Baltimore area.

Our contribution to this goal will be to gathering monthly to:

    • talk about the progress towards regional sustainability that has already been achieved

    • find connections amidst the chaos of the movement and build a community of like-minded individuals.

    • make plans to address the challenges we face together.

We will focus on transforming and sustaining the health of the following systems:

Nutrient systems (food, water, compost, gardening)

Energy and carbon systems (clean energy, climate change abatement, adaptation strategies)

Habitat systems (backyard and neighborhood greening, regional wildlife corridors)

Civic systems (government, law and order systems)

Public health systems (health care, pollution remediation, environmental justice)

The system of self (spirituality, transcendence, family, relationships, personal growth)

Economic systems (green business, jobs, currencies, Main Streets)

Mobility systems (transit, automobiles, freight, etc.)

Building systems (green homes, offices and neighborhoods)

Education systems (children and adult learning and environmental literacy)

Communication systems (marketing, messaging, networking, invitations and outreach)