Energy & Carbon

The members of the Energy Affinity Group so far are:

Liz Entwisle (State of Maryland)

Margo Duesterhaus (Climate Change Initiative of Howard County)

Lore Rosenthal (Simplicity Matters Earth Institute, CCIHC, Greenbelt Climate Action Network)

Sarah Grannemann

Cathy Budd

Patricia Martin

We are now up to about 25 people. John Fox is working on an extensive list of email addresses, so we can be in touch between months.


We met at the October Baltimore Green Forum. We volunteered to coordinate the January Forum. We will invite David Brosch from University Park Community Solar,


At the November BGF, only two of us (Lore and Pat) were present. We watched a PPT presentation from CCAN about MD Offshore Wind.


David Brosch came to speak. He stayed and joined our Affinity break out group. 16 people attended. We had a lively discussion. We tentatively agreed to spend February "visioning" what a sustainable community could look like, in terms of energy usage.


Danielle Lipinski spoke about Legislative Priorities, including offshore wind energy. She stayed and joined our Affinity break out group. Again, we had 16 people. Seven people were repeat attendees from January. Nine people were "new". Ajax Eastman asked to use some of our Affinity time to discuss an article she had written in support of nuclear energy. We had a lively discussion on the pros and cons of nuclear and wind energy.

As an adjunct to the information provided by Ajax Eastman at our meeting February 27, here are some links for consideration:

Wind more dangerous than nuclear?


Update 2008

Wind vs Nuclear


Nuclear/Wind America

NRC Nuke Finder EPA Nuke Info World Nuclear Info (US)

Union of Concerned Scientists

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